Another Cookie Story

I noticed the new cookie shop in December. I walked by it frequently. It's never going to make it, I thought, just selling cookies right downtown. 

But one day, I went in. I looked at the cookies. They were big. I saw the price on the card above each row. $3.25. $3.75. $4.25. Who's going to pay that for a cookie? Good, I thought, heading out the door. All the less tempting. 

Then, one evening, the door to the cookie shop was open and the cookie smells wafting out to the sidewalk. I looked inside. 

Samples. Hmmm.

I went inside. I sampled. Oh. Those samples were good. I bought a big, thick, chocolate-dipped peanut butter cookie.  

Not long after, I went in again. This time I got a cream cheese brownie. Over the moon. Soon after, another.  I was only going to eat half and save the rest for a friend. She never saw hide nor hair of it. 

I thought I was saturated. I thought I was over it. 

Then, today I went in and after sampling the broken bits ordered the Cherry Tart cookie. After I paid, the young man behind the counter offered me a buy 10 get one free punch card. My arm lifted independently of my mind. I watched my fingers grasp the card's edge. 

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

Who would pay $3.25 - $4.25 for a cookie? 

Turns out, me.