Snow Event

They're calling it a snow “event.” Impassable roads, that kind of thing. Get your business taken care of and be prepared not to go anywhere. 

Carmen loved snow. She loved it coming down on her face and back. She loved being toweled down when she came in. The only time she ever left the yard and went on a walkabout was in a torrential snow storm. There was a bad influence at play. I’m not going to mention any names.

It was Mini, the Corgi mutt. Blazer went, too. At about 45 pounds, Blazer had mountain dog good looks, blue eyes, and a gumball for a brain.

Blazer, Mini, and black, bulbous-headed, 90 lb. Carmen marched right across the snowdrifts over the fence. Carmen would have never done it alone. But you give her a cute, short male buddy and she like-y and is up for fun. So off they went. When we realized they were gone, off we went after them. We trudged our way down the street in the blizzard and found them a few blocks away, two of them being held gently by the collar by kind humans looking for tags.

Usually, if a visiting dog left the yard, Carmen was a total tattletale. She’d stand in the yard and bark until someone came out and found out.

Carmen. 2003-20217

carm feb 2017.png