Passive Voice

As I write about the bear, I notice the natural tendency is to say "attacked by the bear," as opposed to "the bear attacked me." 

It seems this is common in communicating acts of assault. "Hit by the car." "She was raped." "Forty people were killed in the bombing." 

The word "attack" also implies a malice I don't ascribe to the bear. I use the word, sometimes, but I feel like "jumped" is the better word. The bear caught me, like a cat might "catch" something.  I think he considered eating me. But the dog made it all too unpleasant. "Check, please. No, I don't want it to go." 

This is a picture of some of the staples that were in my head. I'm blonde. It looks red because of the dried blood. The emergency room doc said not to wash my hair until the next day.