Systems Theory, Sea Squirts, and Pot

I wrote a piece in 2013 about loose relationships among the cannabinoid system, evolution, sea squirts and more. The article appeared at It was speculative, a way to bring together interesting information. Some interdisciplinary fun! It reflected my reading materials and interests over and/or persisting through the past 20+ years. Systems theory. The use of politics. Evolution. The science of the cannabinoid system. The politics of marijuana. Kuhn’s structure of paradigm shift. (Yeah, I’m a blast at parties.)

Since, I’ve spent a year learning about and writing about cells and cancer. The article at Salon had been written as speculative fun. But what I’ve learned about cells over the past year does not dissuade me from those speculations.

The title is totally weird. I have no idea why they did that.

You can read it here.