Gift from a Creepy Guy

He told me the forces of good and evil were fighting like two dust clouds, one black, one white, back and forth, up and down Winnetka Road in the Chicago suburbs outside our house. I was thirteen. He was sixteen. He had a crush on my older sister but she had a boyfriend, so he paid attention to me.

 He hit on us all, all four sisters, some harder than others. He had a thing for us. Creepy.


 At the time, I was listening to Bread and Elton John and Chicago, and that’s fine. But he gave me Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon when I was in 7th grade. I wasn’t taking drugs. I was thirteen. Still, it had me immediately, a new world I didn’t know was there, and it stretched me into places I wanted to occupy.

  The female vocalist on Great Gig in the Sky was Clare Torry. She improvised it all. In 2004 she sued for co-authorship of the song and won.